We do NOT receive any funding from Chabad Headquarters. 

Unlike traditional synagogues, Chabad of Puerto Vallarta does not ask for annual membership dues and most of our programming is free to join.

We do have a Chai Club which is comprised of generous individuals who are committed to Chabad of Puerto Vallartas' monthly operational budget, by committing to a monthly contribution you can help secure our financial security.  

The monthly donors are the support beams that hold up the Puerto Vallarta Jewish communities' walls, and provide the crucial cash flow throughout the year for our operating expenses. 

In appreciation for your monthly support, Shabbat dinners throughout the year are on us + bring friends, and give them the gift of Shabbat warmth in our lovely community.

We also have a very special annual event being planned to appreciate our monthly givers, Stay tuned!

 We are thankful to have a US based 501 (C) 3, thus making your contribution go even further. 



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Please make US checks payable to: Chabad of Puerto Vallarta. They can be brought to Chabad M-F 10am-2pm, or before Shabbat.