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Rabbi's Message

This is a most unusual year, in so many ways, affecting so many routines in our life. We’re being tested – perhaps like never before in recent memory – for our sense of priorities, our core principles and attitudes, and our underlying faith.

We are approaching the High Holidays, a very important time reaffirming our commitment to Hashem, and spiritual recharging of our batteries.

If in past years, we’ve been somewhat on the fence – doing the minimum; perhaps this is the year to leap off that fence and do the maximum. 

If in past years, we’ve stayed away altogether; perhaps this is the year to show up!

I further suggest that the very fact that this year will require creative “out of the box” adapting and compensating, can serve to enhance – rather than detract from – the qualitative depth and richness of our celebrations.

Accordingly, we at Chabad of Puerto  Vallarta will be extending various “covid-kosher” avenues of observance of the High Holidays from which people can choose, depending on their preferred/required mode of congregation vs. isolation.

Please see below for our schedule of services and options.

We are ready to assist you in any way to ensure you can enjoy and maximize this year's High Holidays as a most meaningful and inspirational experience.

Should you have any needs or requests beyond the services outlined below, please reach out to me at 322-141-7279, and I will do all I can to accommodate your request.

Wishing you a happy, HEALTHY and sweet New Year!

— Rabbi Shneur Hecht


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We have a seat waiting for you!
The prayers are warm. The melodies are timeless. The people are friendly. Everyone feels at home.

Welcome to high holiday services at Chabad of Puerto Vallarta. Where we already saved you a seat. Services conducted in English and Hebrew, with simultaneous insights and explanations into the prayers, practices & rituals. 

Tashlich Service
In the late afternoon of Rosh Hashana, the entire community joins together in a proud processional for the observance of tashlich. Representing the themes of renewal and rejuvenation, this tradition also has a way of demonstrating a spirit of communal solidarity as young and old march and sing together while en route to perform a fascinating mitzvah.