Dear Friend,

You and your family are invited to join us in this festive occasion, and attend the conclusion ceremony where we complete the final letters of the Torah. As well as to the parade that follows, where we dance and sing, united as a community, as we welcome the Torah to its new home.

We are very grateful to Felix and Mila Brener for spearheading this innitiave and providing the funding to purchase a new torah for chabad. 

You can take part as well! dedicate a Torah portion, verse, word or letter in honor or memory of a loved one, there is no better way to honor someone, or memorialize a loved one.

The Torah is what unites us with G‑d, and together as a people.

Let us join together in writing history.


Rabbi Shneur Hecht


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December 23rd 2018 
3:00 PM
Now Amber/ Secrets Hotel 
 David Alfaro Siqueiros 164, Las Glorias
Puerto Vallarta 
4:00 PM
Procession from the Secrets Hotel to Chabad
Followed by Hakafot and dancing
5:00 PM
Chabad of Puerto Vallarta
Francisco Medina Ascencio 1951, Las Glorias
Puerto Vallarta 


This Torah is dedicated by Felix and Mila Brener
in Memory of their parents 
Lev and Ita Strugach
Gershel and Malka Brener